The Hallow's Eve

Our plan didn't work out. Our dream of having our first-ever Halloween Party was a failure all because of....


I hate you Tyhpoon SANTI!

But nothing can really stop a group of friends who were in the mood for some gimmick. So instead of wasting our time doing nothing on Halloween night, we decided to go to Malate! Wee!

It's been ages since we've gone here, and spending another night here is surely another highlight of our friendship.

First, we decided to listen to some good old music at Cafe Indios, just along Adriatico Street.

Super Friends!

Man, that Gilbeys Premium made our heads light and floating! Hahahaha! Well, except for Ence who had Margarita. Lucky her! Lols!

Alex and McGilbeys

Bonsai and McGilbeys

Mean and McGilbeys

Ence and Margarita

And a as part of our tradition, our night is incomplete without a pizza. Unfortunately their pizza tasted just like the one from the street. Domino's tasted far better than this one! Thank God we had chicken too!

After some jamming, we headed to Strabucks where we drunk some coffee to make our nerves alive again. Hehehe.

I had Starbucks latest offering the Caramel Creme Latte.

Caramel Creme Latte

After an hour of sipping hot coffee and some nerve awakening rituals, we headed to our greatest conquest for that night....

Ghost haunting at Intramuros. Bwahahahaha!

I'm scared, a little. Thank God that the whole place was well lighted. But even if the place was well lighted, we're still vigilant on what might happen to us.

We took the courage to loiter around the Walled City, a place so close to our hearts, since me, Ence and Mean were true-blooded PLMayers.

The Lamp post?!

We took some pictures around the place and to our surprise, we found a....

...sleeping Gwardya Sibil. Hahahah!

Silly us!

We walked pass him quickly because we were afraid that he'll call the other gwardiya sibils and detained us. Hahahaha!

The Beat-less?

After wasting our energy and time loitering around Intramuros, we finally decided to call it a night. We hailed a cab to drive us back to where we belong. Hehehehe.

But then we were hungry by the time we stepped out of the cab, so at exactly 3:30 a.m., we had our early breakfast! Hahaha! At Andoks! Chicken?!

I forgot that I'm on a diet! Hahaha! Luckily, I saw a bottle of Fit 'n Right. *wink-wink*

And it dawned upon me. Hahahaha!

Ence and me had fried chicken, Mean had grilled liempo while Bonsai just had some juice.

Breakfast joys!

Even though we didn't have our dream Halloween party, we still had a frightful night, I just hope that next year will be better year to us, to all of us!

Happy Halloween!

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ence palmares said...

a Halloween party could have been more appropriate, if i may say.. since we spent reasonable length of time in planning the same. nonetheless, that night was really enjoyable as it was spent with my so-called SUPERFRIENDS. WE ROCK.. AS ALWAYS!