Can't Wait to go Back in Cebu

When I went to Cebu, one food that listed on my "Must-Try" list is that Alberto's Pizza.

Luckily, Alberto's Pizza joints were all over Cebu City, and finding one isn't that hard to do.

We scheduled our Alberto's Pizza night-out on the eve of my birthday...

And I really had fun.

Though, they may not have that edgy  and an updated interiors, (well, maybe just the one that we visited), it seemed that they have what it takes to be "the Cebuanos' pizza." And they proved that to us, because the time we got there, the small pizzeria was jam-packed!

Alberto's Pizza has a lot of choices and at a VERY AFFORDABLE PRICE!


Their pizza vary only in two sizes, 9 inches and 11 inches, and two types, the quick-melt cheese pizzas and the mozzarella cheese pizza.

Since I only have three friends with me and we're kinda full from our CnT lunch, we just ordered to pizzas, the Mozzarella Cheese's Alberto's Full House Pizza and Taco D' Albertos. We're not fans of quick-melt cheese and we found it to ordinary that time, so we just had those two pizzas with mozzarella cheese.

 Alberto's Full House Pizza - PHp245.00

Taco D' Albertos - Php210.00

Alberto's Full House Pizza was good. They served it hot, so the pan was still crunchy when we had our first bite. The taste was way different to Yellow Cab and other pizzerias, but I can say that with its affordable price, you've got your money's worth.

While the Taco D'Albertos was also good. The fresh veggies on top of it was really nice. It was matched perfectly to the melting cheese and crunchy pan. If I will choose which one is the best, I'd say that I like this one. The taste was something new to me, and really unique. More like a healthy pizza to me.

The crew in this joint was the best! Indeed, the Cebuanos are so accommodating and charming.

And lastly, Alberto's Pizza is worth "taking-out" for. *wink-wink*

And these are some of the reason why I can't wait to go back to Cebu!
I love Cebu! Wee!

Here's their menu!

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