Ube, baby, baby... My baby, baby....

Last Saturday, it was the birthday of my deceased cousin. Ning-ning was a family favorite. We all love her. Sadly, her guardian angles love her more that they took her away from us so soon.

Our family got together to have a small celebration for her birthday at my aunt’s place in Cubao. It was Ning-ning’s first birthday without her. It wasn’t that fun as we had it before, but we were thankful because at some point we’re moving on…. My family is moving on.

My aunt prepared a lot of dishes, delicious dishes. Unfortunately, I’m on diet!

But luckily, they had some sweets which helped me to control the urge to eat rice, and pasta, and pansit, etc., etc., etc.

First, I had this Ube Cake from Red Ribbon.

Ube Cake – Php275.00(junior size)
                        Php460.00(regular size)

One of the things that remind me of Ning-ning was delicious food. Even though she got ill at a very young age, her taste buds for delicious food were intact. And one of her faves is this Ube Cake. Actually, she loves a lot of cake, but this one really reminded me of her. I remember, my other aunt brought home a box of this cake and when we gave Ning-ning her piece,  all of the crumbs of this Ube cake were splattered all over her face. Really funny. But she doesn’t mind as long as she’s eating a delicious food she doesn’t mind.

Another food that I had that day was this Ube Mamon.

Ube Mamon – Php20.00

I believe this is one of the new offerings of Red Ribbon. I like it!

I really, really like it! We’re a family of mammon-lovers and with this ube mamon, it kinda made our “longing night” more meaningful, more bonded somehow. And it is so nice to have your comfort food around you when you’re kinda feeling down.

 Our night, even though had some silent sobs, was filled with happy memories of my cousin Ning-ning. We had some laughs remembering what she was like and how she was like. And it was nice – really, really nice.

Happy birthday, Ning-Ning!
We love you and we miss you!

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