Drooling over these Pinoy Desserts!

I have a sweet tooth, and having this so-called “characteristics”, in which a person craves or so fond of eating something sweet, this has been one of the many reasons why I keep working my ass off on my job.

I need to have a regular job which will give me regular income that will comply with my irregular appetite. Lols.

That's simply because I EAT A LOT!

But me as a normal human being, I have my favorite parts. And when it comes to eating there's nothing more exciting than DESSERT!

I didn’t come from a well-off family, and having dessert it just a luxury that we cannot afford to have everyday.


But if budget permits and we really cannot control our desire *wink, wink* to have something nice and sweeeeeeet, we or I, grab every opportunity to have a sumptuous dessert. Lols.

Filipinos love sweets. Maybe because of the mixed culture that we gain from the different races that occupied our land, which isn’t that bad at some point.

Well, getting back, my most favorite Pinoy dessert is Leche Flan or the Filipino custard.

 Leche Flan

The combined sweetness and yumminess of this dish is really, really good!
Simply, one of a kind!

Every time I got a hold of a plate or cup or anything of this dish, oh, no need to ask me to give you some, because I’m very sure that I’ll eat it all. Lols! Just kidding! *wink*

Well, to be honest, let’s just say that a plate of this wonderful dish simply satisfies my sweet tooth that I could not ask for more.

A perfect way to end a sumptuous meal.

And if Leche Flan isn’t available, which I doubt, because, again, I believe that we, Pinoys, just simply love this dish, especially during town feast or holidays, I’d go with the next-big-thing dish, the Buko Pandan.

Buko Pandan

Luckily, I know how to make these two yummy and delicious Pinoy dishes. And believe it not, it sooooooo easy to make these dishes!

I also like Halayang Ube, but it depends on who cook it and how they cook it.

And if you are really on a budget or don't have much time to prepare a delicious dessert dish, fruits are still a healthy and natural option.

Grapes, Melon and Pineapple

Eat right and healthy!

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