CrePes & Cream

When I went to the Chocolate Festival last Sunday at SM The Block, I have one target set in mind, to taste that CrePes & Cream crêpe.

I saw its picture on the Philippine Daily Inquirer that Sunday morning, and I can’t stop myself think about it honestly.

The moment I stepped my feet inside The Block, my eyes quickly scanned the whole event area to look for the stall of this overly chocolate-rich crêpe.

And in just a few second, target spotted!

CrePes & Cream

I ordered a Chocolate Temptation crêpe. The saleslady told me to just wait on my table and she’ll just deliver my order.

Excitement filling up my mind, heart and stomach, it took her almost 3 minutes to turn to my table and lay the tray that contains my Chocolate Temptation.

Chocolate Temptation with Chocolate Ice Cream – Php 95.00

Thank God that I still managed to control the drool that’s filling up my mouth. And by the time I took my spoon and scooped a brownie…


This is sooooooooo PERFECT!

The chocolate brownie bits, the almond flakes, the whipped cream, the choco syrup, the chocolate chips and the chocolate ice cream all wrapped in freshly cooked crêpe – HEAVEN!

It took me an hour to finish this. And my sweet tooth is jumping for joy for this awesome dessert.

For only Php95.00, I think this was worthy.

A spotter enjoying C&C

I left the Chocolate Festival with a big smile on my face, with a satisfied sweet tooth, and a big tummy. And I don’t feel guilty about this, even though, I didn’t tell my parent where I am going that afternoon. Lols.


Oh, and the nice saleslady gave these coupons for my next visit, which will happen soon! Hahahaha! So sweet of her!

CrePes & Cream
2nd floor, SM City North EDSA

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