The DJP Collection: Daniel Padilla x i2i New York

There’s no denying that aside from his prowess acting skill and charming appeal, the Teen King Daniel Padilla or DJ to his family, friends and ever loyal fans possesses an impeccable sense of style that local fashion scene has been craving for. And for two years, Daniel has been the face of one of the most sought-after stylish yet affordable eye wear brands that has been a part of our local fashion statement for years, the i2i New York.

With all of his captivating appeal and spot-on style, Daniel happily entertain media and bloggers alike to a one on one interview where he shared his personal contribution to the latest collection of i2i New York, the DJP Collection

"It came so naturally. I didn't even feel like it still a work for me, because, everything in i2i was so fun to do and to work with," Daniel shares as he happily  showed to everyone the outcome of their collaboration. Mr. and Mrs. Ricco and Tina Ocampo, co-owners of i2i New York, helped Daniel in designing and putting up together the DJP Collection.

DJP Collection is a set of hip and on-trend yet inexpensive sunglasses, greatly inspired  by the music influences and other Hollywood idols of the young heartthrob such as Johnny Depp, Robert Downey, Jr., and John Lennon.

"I'll admit that it took me long hours to prepare. It's not because I'm slow or something, but I usually like experimenting my look. There are days that I dress up quickly, mainly because I already have that style in mind, but yeah, I make sure that I like what I wear on that day, because that's who I am," he shares when asked how long does a Daniel Padilla pick up his own style for the day.

"For the DJP Collection, we keep is classy, the style that I really want. I want the fans to relate with my style given the affordability of these i2i glasses. Because just like Kathryn (Bernardo), who inspires me to be the man that I am, I also get my inspiration from fans who keep on supporting me and KathNiel," Daniel adds.

It's been a while since I saw this guy. And to be honest, Daniel was a breath of fresh air to see. His enthusiasm and sincerity to every word that he says speak the gentleman that he is now. No wonder, brands like i2i New York entrust him with such support, and no wonder, his fans and the Kanthniel Army keeps growing and growing.

Daniel ended the short interview by discussing about La Luna Sanggre, his current project with the Kapamilya Network, ABS-CBN. "There's so much to wait about the show. And the thing about Tristan and Malia is definitely something that you should watch for. We are nearing to an end, but we will make sure that there'll be more thrill and revelations til the end of the show," he finishes.

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