February 28, 2013

The Big Sale at SM Southmall!

It's time to hit the road down south again as SM Southmall, one of the prime malls in the southern cities, holds it biggest and happiest sale at the start of summer season! It's time to get those tank tops and beach shorts at a very affordable price once again at the Big Sale at SM Southmall!

Happening this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, March 1, 2 and 3, avail you most desired summer outfits and thingamajigs for a make over worth spending with sun, sand and water! With as much as 70% off on selected items, enjoy spending you hard-earned money in this exciting sale of the season, adn who know, you might win one of those 50" Devant 3D Smart TV!

I was as SM Southmall on its last sale, and I must say, that there's really something about south that just made me shop more! From furniture, appliances, apparels and whatnot, SM Southmall is opening its door again to its loyal shoppers for them to avail their most longing items at a very pocket-friendly price!

February 27, 2013

New World Cosplay Show at Eton City

It was one FUN-tastic afternoon as Eton City, a relaxing and lovely yet urbanized area in Sta. Rosa, Laguna welcomes and hosts the annual New World Cosplay Show!

Cosplayers from all over the country gathered last February 17 at the flagship development of Eton City - the South Lake Village - to celebrate and fill the day with lots of wonderful characters and colors as the showcase their own adaptations of everyone's well-love anime characters.

I was there to witness this extravagant celebration, as well to enjoy that romantic scenery that Eton City has to offer to its guests and home owners. This was also their way of welcoming the prosperous Year of the Water Snake, which is said to be bring good luck to those who knows how to have fun.

February 26, 2013

Fuller Life with CloudFone Thrill 430x

Bringing "The Thrill" in the very competitive smartphone market like the Philippines is definitely a challenge for CloudFone, but they are bringing back the challenge to its competitor by boasting their latest mobile phone innovation with a larger that life experience through their CloudFone Thrill 430x.

A relatively new entrant into the mobile phone market, CloudFone recently launched their Thrill 430x unit at Prive Luxury Club in Taguig City together with their brand ambassador that is expected to captivate the hearts of the local market into switching to something more evolving.

Xian Lim

Xian Lim , CloudFone’s brand ambassador, commercial model and actor, shared that with the Thrill 430x, he can stay connected with his fans while juggling his many projects for far longer than with other smartphones. 

February 22, 2013

Official Press Statement from SKYcable

I know that there are a lot of you who are faithful and loyal to SKYcable, that's why I'm sharing to all of you this "official statement" from the company that you've been trusting for years. Our friends from SKYCable sent this to me, and I think this might enlighten you regarding some questions you have in mind from the problems you've been experiencing on your TV signal.

According to our friend from SKYcable, after exploring various options to resolve the problem cause by SKYcable's recent system upgrade, they are so glad to inform everyone that the signal issues experienced by some Metro Manila subscribers was finally resolved a day after Valentine's Day, which is February 15 , 2013.

February 20, 2013

Utmost Practicality with the All-new Samsung No-Frost Inverter Refrigerator

Convenience and organization are paramount considerations to a lot of the moms out there, specially to those moms who are always on-the-go. And that's what fun-loving socialite and columnist Tessa Prieto-Valdez, and TV host-producer and businesswoman Daphne Oseña-Paez shared to us on the launch of the all-new Samsung No-Frost Inverter Refrigerator.

Tessa and Daphne, who are known for their distinct sense of style, showed to us how practical and modern moms like them keep their cool amid their busy schedules at the recent Samsung Home Appliances launch held at Chef Jessie in Rockwell. With the the new line of Samsung refrigerators and its key functions, invited press were treated to a morning of fun and excitement as these two moms added some facts and trivia in keeping their housekeeping lives efficient and well-organized.

On the said launch, both ladies turn on their sense of practicality especially when family and food are concerned. And with the help of the "Sosy Yaya", Ian galliguez, who never fail to add fun and laughter to the event that she's hosting, the ladies showed us the notable features that one can enjoy from their all-new Samsung No-Frost Inverter Refrigerator

February 19, 2013

Life Wear: UNIQLO's Spring/Summer 2013

This coming spring and summer, UNIQLO opens up the vibrant and playful season with something close to every human's heart. With every smile, gaze and adventure that we take on this season, UNIQLO made sure that we are wearing ourselves - our life. Hence, they dubbed their latest collection Life Wear.

A collection of heart-warming and lovely pieces, Life Wear was first seen during the fashion of UNIQLO in Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill, Taguig. And with a theme nothing but pure happiness and a little bit of flirting, I breath of the exciting summer season through their collections sure to fit every fun-loving Filipino's taste.

I was there to savor the first dibs of this exciting collection, and here are some of the pieces that they shared to us during the fashion show. From AIRism, Cabbages and Roses, Creative Filmmakers UT, Disney-Pixar UT, Men's and Women's bottoms, Men's and Women's Steteco and Relaco, Star Wars UT,  Women's Dress Collection, Womenswear Celia Birtwell, Womenswear GreenGate to Womenswear Karen Walker, what more could you ask for? Just... enjoy! :-P

February 18, 2013

Philippines, Let's Welcome Rapoo!

Ready to go head-to-head with the IT giants, peripherals brand Rapoo is now here in the Philippines to showcase and share their mos state-of-the-art and most revealing product lines marking their 10th year anniversary in the IT business.

Staring their Philippine invasion with a bang, they recently unveiled three product lines that will simply wow all the tech savvy in the land. From the 5G Series that includes 3920P, 7800P, and 8900P and T120P, to the audio series that carries H8030, H6080, A3020 and A3060, down to the 2.4G optical mouse such as the 6610, 1190 and 3360, these series of product lines is sure to rock the world the IT industry, according to the Rapoo's Derek Chua, General Manager for EA Global.

February 17, 2013

Baby Shopping and More Savings at SM City Sta. Mesa 3-Day Sale

I know for a fact that I so love myself, like a Samantha Jones love of myself. And one way how I show to myself how I love me, (don't worry this blog is not all about me! LOL) is by buying some wonderful things like clothes, bags, accessories, and most specially SHOES! And one great way how I practice this "human rights" that I call, by shopping during weekend sale! Wee!

Last Friday, though, I'm not really one of those who gone wild and went to SM City Sta. Mesa 3-Day Sale that early, I was still one of the many people who spent some time checking out the wonderful items that on sale on this one-of-the-oldest SM Supermalls in the land. And since it falls on payday and I'm on a vacation leave from work, I know that I have enough money and time to spent around the place to buy something nice for myself.

It is just so amazing that when SM declares sale, it is really a war of items on a bargain price, starting from the clothing line, apparels, home appliances and even to furniture and dining! Yes, even on food items in their Foodcourt, food are on sale or if not comes with a freebie! Really, amazing!

February 15, 2013

My Makati Valentine Affair

Who says singles like me cannot enjoy a lovely day like Valentine's Day? Well, not here in Makati! The city that make it happen, Valentine's Day was celebrated in its highly-urbanized district the more fun way, a way that can be enjoyed by singles, couples and those people in between, and they called it Love Is In The Air.

Defying the gravity, Makati showcased a timely dance routines that exemplified love is indeed in the air in this side of town, making the hearts of some of the audience skip a bit - just a bit, believe me. Performances from Iya Villania and Power Dance made the hearts of the audience excited, consoled, and in love as their numbers transitioned from acrobatic aerial dance to pop, acoustic, witty, and Broadway love songs. 

Set against sentimental ballads and the Ayala Triangle Gardens as backdrop, this highlight of the night, this poetry-in-motion spectacle was a sight to behold and honestly made me adore Iya even more. She moves like a ninja, making that life-threatening number more enjoyable than scary.

February 14, 2013

It 3-Day Sale Again at SM Sta. Mesa!

You know that its that perfect time of hoarding again when the 3-day sale of SM Supermalls falls on the day of pay day! And this week, it's SM Sta. Mesa that will fill those loneliness that we had during the Valentine's Day through shopping, dining and fun!

Happening this February 15, 16 and 17, get ready to suffice those loneliness with indulgence on food and shopping as the prime mall of SM Sta. Mesa brings its super fun and exciting start-of-the-year sale!

I've been to SM Sta. Mesa quite a lot of times last year for their version of SM 3-Day Sale, and I tell you, it was crazy fun and exciting because items that I really love are on sale as much as 70% off! And that doesn't include the discount that you could get if you shop the first hour on its first day! Just make sure that your SM Advantage Card comes handy, all right, it will bring you so much good luck, believe me! Hahaha!

February 13, 2013

Hewlett-Packard gives Thanks!

The 2012 has been a fruitful year for Hewlett-Packard (HP) and to its advocacy that its pushing, that's why this 2013, they are starting the year right by giving thanks first to the people who made all of their campaigns possible and within the reach of many people who believes in the power of Hewlett-Packard.

Last January 30, together with a number of people from print, TV, radio and online media, I was invited to a luxurious and truly gratifying day by HP at Tagaytay Highlands in Tagaytay City to celebrate their glorious year of 2012. And with higher hopes this new year, HP promises a more exciting and advantageous year for us to the millions of people who believe in their products.

Guided by their printers' 3 principles, Affordability, Reliability and Quality, at this start of the year, HP already introduces 7 of their best printers that give the most affordable, the most reliable and high-quality kind that the modern Filipino needs.

February 12, 2013

The Winners of the First Multiply Origination Awards

In its continuous effort to empower the Filipino entrepreneurs, Multiply proudly announces the winner of the their first-ever award-giving ceremony, Multiply Origination Awards. And from a number of nominees for every category set for this award-giving body, three names emerged and acknowledge as the most creative and most genius among the rest.

From being a social networking site, Multiply has transformed itself to be one of the leading e-commerce sites not only in the country but in the rest of the Southeast Asia. And as Multiply acknowledge the greatness of Filipino entrepreneurs, three local merchants will be taking the world of e-commerce to a higher level with their sweet winnings from the First Multiply Origination Awards.

Manila Sole Shoes

Mommy Patch

World Fair Trade Asia

Mommy Patch’s handy and all-natural insect repellent ‘Mommy Patch Anti-Mosquito Rescue Stick’ was awarded Most Original Mommy Management Idea. For the Most Original Gourmand Idea, World Fair Trade Asia’s Pineapple Vinegar, a fair-trade product made by a non-profit Christian organization, won the title. And lastly, Manila Sole Shoes - shoe soles made from recycled tires – won the award for Most Original Fashion Forward Idea.

February 08, 2013

Celebrate Forever Love with Karat World

As the whole world falls in love this February, Karat World wants to co-celebrate with the world the everlasting devotion wit their newest and latest glistening collection names Forever My Love.

Made specifically for the upcoming 2013 Valentine’s Day, this  collection is sure to make pledges of love and devotion immortalized through this amazing jewelries made available at Karat World. The Forever My Love lineup of products features beautifully-crafted 14K white gold rings, pendants, and earrings shaped as artful hearts that are symbol of true love and devotion.

Each piece is adorned with shimmering high quality zircon studs that added a touch of brilliance to every sentiment, created perfectly for every Filipina who just loves class and style.
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