June 29, 2012

The Electrolux Wok-a-holic Kitchen Star Day 1

Day 1 has just finished, and with the exciting line up of activities that the 14 participants of this exciting kitchen challenge, as well as the 14 blogger-partners of these 14 participants had gone through today, the kick off of Electrolux Wok-a-holic Kitchen Star Boot Camp just opened  great opportunities to aspiring chefs of this land.

Well attended by all of the participants, the Electrolux Wok-a-holic Kitchen Star Boot Camp, which took place at Waltermart Munoz early today drew a crowd that made the event more exciting and fun! And together with the celebrity-chef judges who served as their mentors for this day at boot camp, everyone had a fun learning afternoon knowing new techniques and styles in cooking.

The 14 Kitchen Stars

June 28, 2012

Freeway, Ensembles and SOLO Mid-year Sale!

Hear ye, hear ye, fashionista, shopaholic and fellow corporate slaves!

Three of of favorite local brands is about to unleash the most awaited and most anticipated mid year  sale starting this Sunday, July 1! Be the first people to purchase those wonderful clothes and apparels from Freeway, Ensembles and SOLO at discounted prices!

The last time I visited their store, which is the very elegant The Row at Glorietta 5, I already some pieces that  will suit to my wardrobes. I also some previous styles that will still look good on this upcoming season, so I'm hoping that they'll be a part of this great sale.

Plus, those National Artists Collector's Series from Freeway are nice, I know that fashion-forward women and stylistas would love to have them, still. As for the gentlemen like me, SOLO has these really cool outfits and apparels that are sure to make you feel good and look great.

June 27, 2012

DOH presents Dance for Life

Nope, this is not your ordinary teleserye where you can see casts dancing through their acting, and this is mot some Glee Project, which is in search of the country's newest talent. This is Department of Health's latest campaign to promote healthy lifestyle and healthy living. So, are you ready to Dance for Life?

In front of the usual Saturday night crowd of Greenbelt 3, a group of people started filling the activity center dancing to the tune of popular tracks from the 70s, 80s and the present. And in the forefront of this fun group, singing and dancing along was the DOH Assistant Health Secretary Enrique Tayag.

In partnership with Fitness First Philippines, this mob dance dubbed as Dance for Life was designed to make exercise as a part our lifestyle to fight  top killer noncommunicable diseases such as stroke, cancer and heart attack. Dance for Life was a symbolic launch of the DOH campaign to promote exercise as a number one component to live healthy and avoid health-threatening habits such as smoking and not eating right.

Project Runway Philippines Finale airs this July 1st on ETC

Breaking the Project Runway tradition, Project Runway Philippines Season 3 will showcase not just 3 designers for its finale episode on July 1 on ETC, but 4 aspiring young designers from the different parts of the county will battle it out to be hailed as the grand winner of Project Runway Philippines Season 3!

In a twist none of the contestants expected, Milka Quin Redoble, Cheetah Rivera, Nel Claveria, Jr., and Amor Albano will show-off their greatest collection for this season's finale.

Milka Quin Redoble

Milka, a 34-year old online fashion entrepreneur from Pasig City, established herself as an early favorite when she wowed judges with her “butanding-inspired” dress and elegant jumpsuit to win the first and third challenges. Then in episode nine her dessert inspired dress won her, her third challenge and immunity, something that came in very useful when she failed to deliver an avante-garde creation. Having started on a high, Milka enters the finale having placed in the bottom group of designers for the past two challenges; will she be able to redeem herself at the Final Runway?

June 26, 2012

Spice Girls are Back with Viva Forever the Musical!

If there's one musical that my generation that could really, really relate to, it'll be this most anticipated and truly exciting musical that will feature the best girl pop group in the whole wide world (for me) - the SPICE GIRLS!!!

Today, the world was shook as the original five members of the UK pop group took their famous stairs again to promote the upcoming musical Viva Forever! that is said to feature the stunning hits of the newly reunited group Spice Girls.

Melanie B. a.ka. Scary Spice, Melanie C. a.k.a. Sporty Spice, Emma Bunton, a.k.a Baby Spice, Geri Halliwell a.k.a. Ginger Spice and Victoria Adams-Beckham a.k.a. Posh Spice graced the launch of the said theatrical show that will enliven the wonderful year of the world-famous girl band.

Binalot, now available on Multiply.com!

Our favorite leaf-wrapped has made the sharing more fun through the launch of its very its very own online delivery system. And through, Multiply Philippines, Binalot makes their All Time Pinoyvorite meals accessible to every Juan! Whoopee!

Launched last June 21, 2012 at the Binalot Jupiter St. branch, Binalot Fiesta Foods Inc. (BFFI), the home of the Ultimate Filipino Food Experience, joined forces with Multiply.com to provide a more convenient way of having their loved Binalot flavors at the comfort of their homes.

This new innovation, powered by online retail platform Multiply Philippines, presents the ease of ordering online versus calling the hotline. With payment options like the use credit card, debit card or PayPal, one can enjoy ordering their most favorite Binalot All Time Pinoyvorite in bulk and solo orders.

Among the products listed on the Binalot's Multiply store are the All Time Pinoyvorites solo orders, All Time Pinoyvorites Bilao orders, Pantabi at Pandagdag, bulk orders of their favorite Binalot meals complete with side dishes, all good for 10 people. 

June 25, 2012

Creamy with a kiss of caramel na nakaka-inlove!

Hey, you guys, who among you could say that you're a good kisser? I bet a lot of your would say me! And by that, let's see if you can beat the world's greatest kisser now! He's name is Kisstopher Caramello and he's ready to make every girl in town in love with his kiss!

They say that in love, it’s the small things that make life more special - a light touch, a slight brush of lips on the cheeks, a faint giggle and a smile that says everything is more than okay. But in the recent Nestle COFFEE-MATE variant, every boy and every girl will surely fell the love because its Creamy Caramel flavor will just hit the right spot in your palette down to your heart.

Our well-loved creamy COFFEE-MATE is now combined with a hint of Creamy Caramel that boosts up that lovely flavor that anyone can enjoy.

I'm a huge COFFEE-MATE user, so this is really good news for me! Because to be honest, there are days that I get tired of tasting that same old coffee taste, so by having this new flavor, my morning will surely be more lovelier and happier!

Say Hello to the World with Kamusta.ph!

Is it "kamusta" or "kumusta"?

This is probably one of the many confusing Filipino words that foreign guests or even locals find hard to pronounce. But with Bayantel's latest smart phone apps that connects you to your love ones abroad, confusion is not an option anymore - Kamusta.ph.

In a presscon that was hosted by Clown in A Million winner Karen Dematera a.k.a. KaladKaren, we were oriented as to how this simple application from Bayantel can be a huge benefit to every Filipino family that has a love one outside the country.

Karen Dematera a.k.a. KaladKaren
Clown in A Million winner 

June 22, 2012

FILA and Athletes in Action to help Iligan City

FILA, a leading shoe brand in the world, and Athletes in Action (AIA) join forces to bring the biggest advocacy run to help raise funds for the rehabilitation of classrooms in Iligan City, which were badly hit by Typhoon Sendong back in 2011.

Education plays a vital role in our lives. It is one thing that we should or we must have for it is part of every man's right. And now, as the crazy world continues to revolve, we’re all challenged to take part in solving this problem. Thank goodness that as of now, there are 15,000 runners who already signed up and are whole-heartily up for this project.

Dubbed as Schools Run for School Rooms (SRSR) marathon, this project will be gathering student-runners from major colleges and universities, to bring a glimmer of hope to Iligan city, where eager students have to do with makeshift classrooms as the school year starts. 

June 20, 2012

Doing How To's the Easy Way with PLDT TelPad

Have you seen that cute TV commercial where this young girl prepared a French dinner setup for her parents who are coming home from work? It showed how this young girl was able to put up a romantic dinner date for her parent creating on memorable experience that they would never forget. All of those were made possible by the recent PLDT Telpad's application TelMeHow.

In it's launch that took place in Prive, The Fort, fellow bloggers and online personalities had a wonderful night knowing and exploring the wonders of this latest application that promotes companionship and simple joys that any Telpad owner can have.

From there, we were able to know that the help of TelMeHow is not just for some how to cook home-cook meals but it also goes on how-to's in fashion, photography and the likes - something that really made me excited. :-)

Event host Sarah Meier

TelMeHow is an educational online companion and an accessible source of easy-to-follow, useful knowledge ideal for pursuing special interests, developing new skills or simply bonding with loved ones, especially during this summer vacation.

June 19, 2012

The Search is On... Artista Academy!

As the gates to the stardom open, TV5 welcomed thousands of young hopefuls to this one-day grand audition of Artista Academy - the biggest and most intensive"artista" search ever mounted on Philippine television. And earlier at Smart-Araneta Coliseum, where I personally saw how they filled up the bleachers inside the Big Dome, this is indeed, the biggest and grandest "artista" search I've seen so far!

With Php20 million at stake, boys, girls and in betweens, age 16 to 21 took this chance to be screened and be qualified to the first batch of aspiring showbiz personalities of this grand academy. From the thousands of hopefuls, their gonna bring it down to hundreds and then to the top 16 who will be enrolled to the intense "artista" curriculum that the Kapatid Network has prepared in finding the Philippine TV's next big thing.

I spotted a lot of youngsters who I feel would pass the qualification round a while ago. These participants had to fall in line to be screened bearing their birth certificates, valid ID and best glam photos. And since there were tens of thousands who took this chance to be discovered, everyone has to fall in line while keeping it cool to look good on the VTR, which was headed by Artista Academy principal Miss Wilma Galvante and TV and film director Mac Alejandre.

June 18, 2012

My JanSport Super Sized Summer Experience!

As you may all know, I'm not really an outdoor-ish kind of person. I may go out of town to see places, but most of those trips include nothing but taking photos, beach bumming and church visiting. Well, there are times that I just indulge on food, but I barely do adventures that involves physical activities - really!

That's why when I was invited to join this JanSport Super Sized Summer, I know that I'm taking a different path, the one that doesn't have a "tuwid na daan." Hahaha!

I'll admit that I'm a contest junkie, an online contest junkie, that is, so joining something like this is something that I considered life-threatening at some point. The last time that I joined something like this was way back 2 or 3 years ago, and since then I told myself that  tooold for these kind of games, and that I should leave this to the younger ones.

The 2012 Junior PizzaMasters of Shakey's!

Indeed, summer is over. No more beach bumming for me and kids are back to school now. But to these 50 kids who had a great time creating their version of the famous Shakey's Thin-Crust Pizzas and serving the world-famous pizzeria is a more dynamic and fun way, Shakey's Junior PizzaMasters made their summer everything!

In the recently concluded Shakey's Junior PizzaMasters, almost a hundred of kids from the different parts of the metropolis gathered at Shakey's Quezon Avenue to have a great summer time whipping up their very first  Shakey's Pizza.

For 7 days, these kids learned the Basic Pie Making, Pizza Construction and Dough Tossing as well as hands on in-store exposure like Order-Taking, Hands on in-store experience, Basic Sanitation and Utensils Familiarization.

June 15, 2012

The 14 Finalists of the 1st Philippine Popular Music Festival

Indeed, OPM (Original Pilipino Music) is alive and kicking! And with local and foreign-based Pinoys join the 1st Philippine Popular Music Festival (PhilPOP) to become the next big Filipino songwriter, OPM just keeps getting healthier and exciting!

Held at Genting Club, Resorts World Manila, PhilPOP executive director and music maestro Ryan Cayabyab announced the record-breaking 3,000 song entries they received, not just from the Philippines but also from Filipinos based in other parts of the world including the United Kingdom, France, Canada and neighboring Asian countries such as  Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Ryan Cayabyab
PhilPOP executive director and music maestro

Philippine Popular Music Festival is a songwriting competition that aims to highlight the contributions of songwriters and composers to the Filipino music Industry. Composed of respected local artists and prominent personalities from various industries, PhiliPOP brought together by a shared vision - to spark renewed pride and enthusiasm in OPM and bring about another golden age in Philippine music.

June 14, 2012

UNIQLO: Now Open at SM Mall of Asia!

Finally! The most anticipated opening of its first-ever store in Manila has come! And tomorrow, it's gonna be a one-fun "sahod" day, as every boy and girl in town join the craze on the brand that's been loved and adored all over Asia - UNIQLO!

Yesterday, I was one of the lucky few who got glimpse and experience what it's like to be inside the UNIQLO store. I haven't been to any other Asian countries where there's a UNIQLO store, so every detail about this store has made curious to the point that I, myself, can't help but to get gaga over their clothing line and apparels.


To my amazement, and for everybody's information, I think they can handle the craze tomorrow, and I think that they have prepared themselves for this because the store is soooo huge that we were actually given a map just to know where such item is located! Amazing, right?

Freeway presents National Artist Levi Celerio

On its continuous effort in upbringing the rich culture and heritage of our country, Freeway pays tribute to another national artist for the 7th time through their National Artists Collector's Series. And this time, the spotlight is on to our National Artist for Music, Mr. Levi Celerio.

In the past years,  National Artists Collector's Series featured National Artists Nick Joaquin (Literature), Ang Kiukok (Visual Arts), Jose Garcia Villa (Literature), Ramon Valera (Fashion Design), F. Sionil José (Literature) and Vicente Manansala (Visual Arts). For the coming Fall 2012, Freeway features the works of National Artist for Music, Levi Celerio, in a collection of wonderfully crafted women outfits perfect for all fun-loving and sophisticated metropolis women.

Held last June 4th at The Row, Glorietta 5, Freeway gathered both fashion and music enthusiasts, media and bloggers, and the family and friends of Mr. Levi Celerio to celebrate the life and works of the Filipino music prodigy.

June 13, 2012

adidas Party with DJ Neil Armstrong

Celebrating originality isn't really a hard thing to do for adidas, and with the launch of the adidas OriginalsLeave a Legacy” campaign, adidas presents their newest global brand ambassador DJ Neil Armstrong who graced the country for a night of party rockin at Skye Lounge, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

DJ Neil Armstrong

For the past 40 years, adidas has been connecting everyone from fashion to music to sports and has become an iconic brand across different interests. May you be at the far west or here in the far east, adidas never fails to connect the world through these interests that enlightens not only our heart and mind, but also our soul.

This year, adidas invites everyone to celebrate originality with the launch of the adidas Originals “Leave a Legacy” campaign. And kicking off this global campaign is a sunset BBQ party with the brand's global brand ambassador, DJ Neil Armstrong.
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