March 31, 2012

Simplify Your Home with Gus* and Blu Dot!

If there's one mall in this busy and crowded metropolis that I love visiting, no matter what time and day, that'd be the Power Plant Mall in Rockwell. It's not that I'm "pa-sosyal" or what, it's just that the place feel so refreshing, relaxing and most off all not crowded. I think this is the only mall in town that wasn't that "packed" every single day. And for that, Rockwell is the love.

And yesterday, Friday, I spent another leisurely morning walk there as I visited the just opened Secrets to Style Your Home 100% Rockwell: An Interior Design and Home Fair.

When I was a kid, I honestly wishing to be an interior designer, but since we were and still are not that rich, I changed plans and pursue a different path. But if there are chances that I can do interior designing in our house, I voice out my ideas and do it, for pleasure's sake. Hehe.

According to my mother, I'm a messy person, so as much as possible I prefer a place that doesn't have too much furniture pieces in it, like my room - some kind of a minimalist. I wanna apply that same idea to our entire house, but my mother, who loves flowers, figurines and everything, is kinda hard to convince.

March 30, 2012

Sing Your Heart Out with Bactidol's 12-Hour Sing-a-thon

Are you crazy or even gaga over karaoke? Do you love to sing all day and all night? Do you have that voice, that appeal, that power to stay up for 12 hours singing your favorite songs? Then, you could be the one that Bactidol is looking for!

Together with 9 of your friends, hit Red Box at Eastwood Mall, Libis this Saturday and get a chance to take home Php20,000 as your sing your hearts out to your favorite hits to this year's Bactidol 12-Hour Sing-a-thon!

May it be "I Will Survive, "My Heart Will Go On", "Yesterday", or even "My Way", I'm sure Bactidol will be there to guide you and your group to one outstanding and most thrilling singing competition that you'll be involved with!

March 29, 2012

Shout It Out! Welcome Back, Hanson Brothers!

Early today, a press conference was held at EDSA Shangri-La to welcome the group that made us all sing "MMMBop". Isaac, Taylor and Zac just got back here in our country to promote their latest and highly anticipated new studio record "Shout It Out", which is locally distributed by Polyeast Records.

Yours truly was invited to the said press conference where the now older and more handsome trio performed two songs from their latest album, Shout It Out!

After their presentation, Isaac (31), Taylor (29) and Zac (26), whom made the girls giggle every time he smiles, gladly and heartily answered all the questions that were asked to them.

March 27, 2012

Condura: Tried and Tested!

It' summer time! And before everyone's head starts to fire up due to this very hot weather condition, let me share to your this latest innovation from the tried and tested air conditioning brand that I got to witness. Concepcion-Carrier introduces two air conditioner lines that are custom-built for extreme Philippines conditions, they are the Condura Extreme and the Condura Jr.

Held at the top level of W in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, Concepcion-Carrier team brought other air conditioning units with them to prove the validity of their claim that Condura air conditioners are built to cool and built to last.

On this head-to-head showdown, Condura will prove its durability, endurance and adaptability through a series of testing that they will do right in front of us.

March 24, 2012

Coca-Cola Philippines' Concert ng Bayan Highlight

Apart from the giant names that shared their talents on this very amazing Concert ng Bayan, Coca-Cola Philippines also prepared one spectacular presentation that made us all reminisce and feel the joy that Coca-Cola has brought to each and everyone of us over the 100th year of its existence.

It brought me goosebumps, really, and I'm just glad that I was there that night to see it an capture it for you guys! And I believe, if there's something that my fellow attendees could never forget, that would be this presentation.

But before I share to all of you that surprise, let me share to your first these clips that I took during the Concert ng Bayan. I just have a lot of videos and photos to share, so please kinda bear with me if you read another Concert ng Bayan related post. The concert was plainly crazy fun and I just can't get over it! Haha!

The Happiness from Coca-Cola Philippines' Concert ng Bayan

It was for me the most spectacular and colorful concert I've been, thanks to Coca-Cola Philippines for coming with such a great idea like this, putting the best OPM bands and singer with Craig David in one stage! I'm sure, you still have that Concert ng Bayan hangover just like me! :-)

Held last night at the Concert Grounds of SM Mall of Asia, a galactic big bang happened as more than a dozen of OPM stars collided with one of the world's top performer to bring one outstanding concert that were made just for the solid fans of Coca-Cola.

And in this 100th year of Coca-Cola Philippines, happiness poured in as Jose, Wally, MYX VJs, Itchy Worms, Ebe DancelCallalilySandwich, Jay Durias6Cyclemind, Gracenote, Banda ni KleggyWolfgang, Gloc9Parokya ni Edgar, Never The StrangersSponge Cola, Chicosci, Rico Blanco, Pupil, Someday DreamSarah GeronimoGary Valenciano and Craig David filled our night with great music and interesting numbers.

I personally enjoyed the medleys and collaborations of some bands and solo artists! It was, for me, the highlight, of every part. But of course, when Sarah, Somedaydream and Gary sung the newest Coca-Cola soundtrack, Tuloy, so from the nerve racking scream to the swaying of the hands, everything went so dramatically heart-wartming - something that only Coca-Coal can give!

March 22, 2012

Are You Ready for Coca-Cola Philippines' Concert ng Bayan?

The stage is up, the lights are ready and the music are all checked... Every Juan who loves Coca-Cola, get ready to the country's biggest OPM concert of the year as Coca-Cola Philippines presents the one and the only Concert ng Bayan!

Woohoo! This is really exciting! So get ready rakistas, because this is gonna be rock til you drop!

Yes, you read it right! The Concert ng Bayan, which will be happening tomorrow, March 23rd, at the Concert Grounds of SM Mall of Asia will be showcasing the country's top caliber bands including some solo acts from our beloved male and female artists. And also, for more happiness, an international artist will be also gracing this event to co-celebrate the 100  years of Coca-Cola Philippines - so let's all welcome Craig David!

March 16, 2012

Samsung Proudly Presents Samsung Ultra Series 5

Held at Prive, The Fort Strip last week, a large number of techie aficionados, celebrities and alike, graced the launched of the latest Samsung PC Notebook. With the brand's promise of bringing a stylish with no compromise computing experience, Samsung Ultra Series 5 is now available.

I was one of the first lucky peeps who got a glimpse of this ultra responsive and ultra stylish gadget, and I must say that with its wowing features, including the 2nd Generation Intel Core Processor family, every who was there just can't to have their own piece. Sadly for most of us, only 4 person that night got to take home this new baby from Samsung.

DJ Gelli Victor hosting the event 

March 15, 2012

Rico Blanco rocks BHS!

Courtesy of the real estate company that doesn't just find the means to provide the most innovative homes, but also ways to make you live the life you deserve, Alveo Land Corporation, presented a rocking afternoon that shook the very peaceful Bonifacio High Street as they brought one of the country's legendary rock icon Rico Blanco!

It was honestly one the many things in this world that I least expecting. Imagine, Rico Blanco performing on a truck with his new found band, and the truck is just parked on the side of the street! Imagine that!

But I guess, Alveo is just staying true to its commitment ingiving excellent surprises to its patron, and by having a rock icon on this kind of venue, needless too say, IT WAS SO AWESOME!

March 13, 2012

Martha Stewart + Rachel Zoe = Jenni Epperson

"Minimum effort, maximum impact." - Jenni Epperson

If there's one thing that we, Filipinos, can take pride off, and I'm sure you'll agree with me on this, that'll be MULTI-TASKING. May it be in our work, in our society or in our home, multi-tasking is in our blood and we are so damn good about it!

And last week, as I was invited to the book launch of Miss Jenni Epperson, Nuffnang's 2011 Best Lifestyle Blog Awardee, at SM North EDSA The Block, I got to witness one living proof of it. But on this book launch, I didn't see that "ngarag" multi-tasker, but instead a full-time mom and wife that also bears that true-blooded fashionista aura and knows how to play around with food, fashion and life.

Lego Philippines presents Star Wars

Last week, I was invited to attend Jenni Epperson's book launch at SM The Block, but since I came too early, I had some leisure time to walk around the mall and see some latest stuff there. To my surprise, while walking to the event's venue, I saw that there's an exhibit happening featuring Star Wars!

I'm not really a huge fan of Star Wars, but if a saw an exhibit that features them with one of my favorite toys in the whole wide world, LEGO, I make sure that I'm there to see them and take a glimpse of them! Yebah!

And last Saturday was no exception.

But before I show you what this exhibit holds, let me show to you first some extra features that you can see before going inside that room. Along the aisle, you'll see some great pieces made my our fellow Filipino LEGO fans. Most of them are actually inspired by air crafts and battle ships that we can see on cartoons. 

March 12, 2012

World Glaucoma Week 2012

Having a father who got almost blind before dying due to his diabetes, I can help but to be really conscious about my health and be aware as to how it will affect us. It is really sad to remember those times, that's why I promised not to let myself suffer such thing. And so, whenever I can get information on health issues,  especially if its about diabetes or eyes, in this case, I do get it first-hand... JUST TO BE SURE.

Last week, I was invited to take a seat and listen to a group of eye doctors who are in support of the World Glaucoma Week. For those who are unaware like me, the whole world will be "celebrating" the World Glaucoma Week" this week, March 12 to 16. In line with this celebration, there are worldwide and local programs that the Glaucoma Societies have prepared to help us detect this blinding disease.

Glaucoma is a complicated eye disease in which damage to the optic nerve leads to progressive, irreversible vision loss. It is a condition that affects the eye's optic nerve, a bundle of tissue that carries information about what one sees from the eyes to your brain. This damage is usually - but not always -caused by the build-up of naturally produced liquid within the eye. When fluid cannot escape, the resulting pressure build-up causes the optic nerve to deteriorate, resulting in vision loss and irreversible blindness.

Here in the Philippines, according to the presentation of Dr. Rainier Covar, MD, a member of the Research Committee of the Philippine Glaucoma Society, glaucoma has been ranked as the leading cause of blindness in both eyes. Sadly, as he added, there are currently no reliable estimates as to how many Filipinos have the disease.

March 08, 2012

Presenting... The Philippine DCOM

Last Wednesday, I was invited to a small gathering of the key players in the digital commerce industry of our country now. They are the people behind famous sites that we usually turn into now when we need to buy or to check out something. And that night, amidst their uber busy schedules, they make way to the  induction of officers of the newly-registered Digital Commerce Association of the Philippines, Inc. or DCOM.

Being a client or buyer of groupon sites, it was really my pleasure to finally see in person and met the men and women behind the famous Multiply, Cashcash Pinoy, Fiera de Manila, Inc., Shopinas.com Xurpas, Inc., eLearningEdge, TechCellar, ClassifiedAds.ph, Sulit.com.ph, NetBoosterAsia, Groupon Philippines, YugaDeals,Inc., TechForge Online, Mozcom, Inc., Global Engine Corporation and many, many more.

Secretary Gregory L. Domingo
Department of Trade and Industry

March 07, 2012

The 5th Philippine Cosplay Convention

A sea of costume-wearing humanoids welcomed the guests of Robinson's Place Manila last Saturday as it holds once again the annual costume-playing event in the country, The 5th Philippine Cosplay Convention.

I've been attending cosplay conventions for quite sometime now. And even though, I'm not that really familiar with all the characters that the participants are wearing, my love for costume design was sufficed every time I attend this kind of event.

March 06, 2012

Summer Time is Beach Hut Time!

Scorching hot sun is here, and as it burns the month of March, it only means one thing... SUMMER!

As the traveler in us kick in for this fun and exciting season, one must-visit place that we have on our list is the beach! What is summer without beach, right? But before hitting those white-sand beaches, let me share to you this summer-y treats from Beach Hut!

I'm so excited with this year's summer season. My first stop would be the world-renowned city of Puerto Princesa in Palawan. It's been a dream destination of mine, and I'm so glad that I'll be visiting this place with my superfriends.

But before hitting the beach down there, other than trimming what seemed to be "untrimmable" body fats, one thing that I should keep in mind is to have a sunblock with me.

You see, I do not have that fair, clear skin, and though I'm a little dark, I'm proud of it because it's the true color of Filipino. But of course, sun nowadays is a little harsh, so it is better to have a reliable sunblock that will help me keep away from the harmful effecst of the sun.

Thank goodness, there's Beach Hut that offers a wide range of sunblock for every fun and adventurous Pinoy out there like me!

March 05, 2012

It's Time for the Rogin-E's Last Man Running!

If you think that you have the endurance, determination and the will to push yourself to the limit, then you might be the man and woman that Rogin-E is looking for. Showcase your strength and prove yourself that you are this year's Rogin-E's The Last Man Running.

From the well-attended and talked about running event last year, Rogin-E brings back the most challenging running event for all the runners who wanna prove something. Adding a little twist to the whole idea, Rogin-E shouts out the question "Can you go another round?"

I was invited to be a part of its mini conference for the bloggers last week at Bonifacio High Street, and together with my fellow bloggers and some professional runners who are vying for the title, everyone was informed as to what to expect from this year's Last Man Running.

According to the Bayer Team, who brought up this very tough running competition, if runners thought that last year's competition was hard, well, this year, Bayer Team made sure that the running will be longer, harder and better than ever.

There will be 3 categories for this competition,  5+2K Race, 10+4K Race and the Last Man Running Race. The Last Man Running Race is a 7-hour marathon that will test the whole strength of the participants.

3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition - China and The Netherlands

It's the night for the defending champion to showcase their latest creation, and with millions of spectators from different walks of life flock to SM Mall of Asia last Saturday night, China and The Netherlands painted the sky of Manila Bay for the 3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition.

This is by fay the most brilliant presentation I've seen from this batch. I caught myself in awe for a lot of times because the ideas were plainly brilliant.

China, the defending champion, made a unique and memorable impact as they launch a different kind of pyromusical presentation. Last Saturday, with the wonderful choice f music, China shared an authentic Chinese fable that mystified everyone.
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