September 30, 2011

The First-Ever Blogapalooza! We're Coming Out!

More than a dozen of brands and 150 influential bloggers from in and out of Metro Manila joined forces and celebrated the first-ever Blogapalooza at Fully Booked, Bonifacio High Street, The Fort, Taguig City.

And yours truly, the Middle Child, was invited to witness and be part of this generous and fun gathering of people who loves to share wonderful stuff on the world wide web. Wee!

As I reached the Top Shelf of Fully Booked, I was surprised to see that much of people. I was there a quarter before the said time, but bloggers seemed so excited and they came so early. Hehe.

September 22, 2011

Review: Samsung Plasma TV Series 8 8000

Finding a great TV nowadays is so easy, but finding the one that suits your taste, need and budget is kinda a challenge, still. It's just so great that Samsung, one of the leading TV manufacturers in the whole world never gets tired of giving us a lot of options to choose from. And now, with the release of their latest innovation, I'm sure, any couch potato and computer geek will enjoy the Samsung's version of Plasma Smart TV!

I was invited to do a review of this latest innovation from Samsung a few weeks ago, and I must say that even though this TV is no LED, the high-end appeal and the "smartness" of it is truly captivating.

This 51-inch Plasma TV offers a wide array of key features that I got to enjoy during its stay on my hand. From it's functionality, picture quality, design, connectivity and eco-friendliness, Samsung Plasma TV Series 8 is indeed the future of television.

September 21, 2011

Thunderbird Poro Point Condotel - A Property Worth-Investing

After that fun and enjoyable property tour we had that morning, our night was scheduled for an elegant party and launch that Thunderbird Resorts-Poro Point has prepared for us and for the rest of aspiring investors and future residents of this prestigious resort.

After the successful turn-out of Thunderbird Residences, which is still currently filling some remaining empty lots of its phase two, Thunderbird Resorts now offers a fun and great way to enjoy business and leisure at the same time.

The Condotel, a solid investment opportunity to its upscale clientele, this 1,500-square-meter Thunderbird Residences project will be consisted of 51 luxury Thunderbird Resorts-Poro Point style rooms that is expecting to fulfill your Santorini dream.

Property Tour at Thunderbird Resort-Poro Point

Part of the itinerary we had when we were invited to check out Thunderbird Resorts in Poro Point, San Fernando, La Union was this so-called "property tour" where we went on a trip all over the place.

I must say that despite of the blistering heat of the sun that morning, the fresh breeze of air coming from the side of South China Sea was very pleasant, making our trip really relaxing and fun.

Thunderbird Resorts bosses, Sir Damian and Sir David led our group to see the whole lot of Thunderbird Resort - Poro Point. And our first destination was the first-ever residential unit built inside the resort property.

September 19, 2011

The Bloggers' Blowout

Brought up by AstroPlus, AstroVision, Orange Magazine TV and LG Electronics, bloggers who are into music, movies and gadgets were treated to an afternoon of audio and video delights as they presented their first-ever Bloggers Blowout.

On the pre-registration form found on orangemagazinetv.com, we were asked to sign-up and choose the category that we wanna take part in on this exciting event. Since my day job has something to do with movies and TV shows, I slashed off movies (if you'll notice it on my blogs - nothing much on movie reviews), so I just let my heart torn between music and gadgets.

I'm a big music lover and because of music I learned to appreciate cool gadgets that made my likeness more favorable to my ears. And after some thinking, since it seems that I'll get more benefits in attending the gadgets category, I signed up for that with my name and blog URL.

September 13, 2011

The Pacquiao-Marquez World Press Tour

I'm not really a big fan of boxing. Actually, as much as possible I wouldn't promote it. 

But after meeting the congressman of the Saranggani Province, the Pound for Pound World Champion few weeks before this world press tour, I think he just got me with his natural charisma and humbleness.

I had a chance to meet and even have a photograph with the Pambansang Kamao Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao during the shoot of his commercial for one of his new endorsements, and I'm honestly saying that I was impressed by how he treated us - more than the boxing power he showed on the ring was the Pacquaio Power that I felt.

September 12, 2011

The DOLE's Bloggers' Cook-Off!

I was invited a few days ago to join a group of food bloggers who will battle it out in one of the finest kitchens in the metropolis - Magsaysay Institute of Culinary Arts and Hospitality kitchen - for the DOLE's Bloggers Cook-Off!

I had a chance to join in cook-offs before, and I even got to cook in this fine kitchen, so I know how exciting this would be.

Before the cook-off started, we were introduced to DOLE's Tomato Sauce, which was the star of the night. Then there's the cute chef, Chef Jeremy Favia, who showed us how to cook the dishes he prepared that night.

September 09, 2011

BlackBerry Pilipinas and PlayBook Launch

BlackBerry officially announces their plans of taking the country by storm with the launch of their hottest and up-to-date group that will cater to all BlackBerry fans here in the Philippines - the BlackBerry Pilipinas.

With this group that can be found on Facebook.com, BlackBerry Pinoy fans can get updates from their newly loved mobile brand, as well as to get acquainted to the other 80,000++ members of the group.

I, despite of not having a BlackBerry phone yet, was invited to be a part of this wonderful - a remarkable event that made our night full of fun, laughter and camaraderie.

I'm actually planning to buy a BB phone, it's just that I'm still waiting for my budget to catch up with my other expenses so that I can enjoy the phone better. :-)

September 08, 2011

A Souvenir Shirt with More Than a Hundred Memories

I am a traveler. It's been a teenage dream of mine that I am fulfilling just now. And though, I let a lot of time past by, I have no regrets about them because what I'm having right now are enough proofs that dreams do come true.

Looking back at the time I started travelling, I cannot help but to smile at every picture I saw on my albums. I guess it is just natural to express something like that, especially if that trip was one of a kind.

Back in 2009, my superfriends (term I call to my dear high school friends who are still with me up to now) and I decided to change our lives by taking a journey that no one from us ever thought would be that blessed.

Pack with clothes that are good for an over night stay and money that was just enough to take us to our destination and feed us, we bravely asked our parents permission to let us experience a different Holy Week at the breath-taking Hundred Island in Alaminos, Pangasinan.

Summer outing has been our yearly thing since we graduated from high school, and up to now we do this to strengthen our bond - and maybe to somehow renew our friendship. Anyway, on that summer escapade, every action was very new to use because we're not just going to some swimming pool-filled resort, we're off to a top tourist destination, with open sea and different terrain.

It was also our first time to take a trip and leave our houses on a Good Friday night. Since we are all Catholic, our families have high respect to the tradition. And since us, coming from the cream of the crop of our batch, they expect nothing but every thing good - that's why asking our parents permission to allow us to take this journey really took a lot of effort and convincing. 

Right from the very start, we knew that this trip will be a memorable one.

September 06, 2011

The Cool, Cooler, Coolest Samsung Blu-ray Treat!

I just had the latest audio-video gadget by Samsung last week, and though I still haven't tried it yet, because I still haven't bought an original Blu-ray disc, I know that with my new Samsung Blu-ray Disc Player, we'll have more fun and excitement at home!

But did you know that just like the old age, we don't need to buy Blu-ray disc anymore, we could just rent it and enjoy its amazing features through their latest promo, the Samsung BluPass Card!

Now, that's what I call COOL!

September 03, 2011

Who Deserves the Global Pinoy Awards?

On it's goal to uplift the image of our country, Toblerone continues giving thanks to its faithful consumers as they launch this year a heart-warming award-giving body that will acknowledge the hard work and sacrifices of our modern-day heroes with the first-ever Thank You Global Pinoy Awards.

And in cooperation with The Commission on Filipino Overseas, Duty Free Philippines, Good News Pilipinas and Kraft Asia, Toblerone encourages every one of us to nominate those Global Pinoy individuals who we think deserve to receive acknowledgment and gratification for their hard work not just for themselves, but for their family and our country.

September 02, 2011

Nutrijuice Gives Back

Following the success of its first season, Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines Inc. together with the government of Quezon Province officially launched last week the start of the new season of Nutrijuice Program!

I was one of the few invited bloggers who went to Lucena City and became part of the 18th Anniversary of Quezon Province's Day Care Workers Convention, where the said launched happened. And together with hundreds of day care workers from the different parts of the province, we saw the love and care that Coca-cola Bottlers Philippines Inc. has for the children of this humble province.

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