February 26, 2011

What if there's an ALTERnative?

Every time I heard the term "online games", not a thing, an event or place comes in to my mind... But my pretty, intelligent and lovely nieces. Nicole is now on her 5th grade, while Nickaella is on her 1st grade. Both are doing great in school and both are so much into online gaming.

I think this is just a proof what kind of children we have nowadays. They are so intelligent that even the wisest thing man invented, they can easily cope up with it. And they learned it without a sweat! Ha!

I've never addicted to onlines games - EVER. Though, lately, I'm admitting that I'm into Angry Birds - a game that I cannot resist to play even if I'm at work. Haha! I find 'them so cute to play with that's why I'm so hooked into it. As for my nieces, I think they've already played the games the I installed in my laptop, even without me teaching them how to. Kids nowadys - INCREDIBLE! They played Plants vs Zombies, Zuma, even my favourite Angry Birds and they even know a website where these oline games can be found! Ha!

And just recently, to our family's shock, both of them now a Facebook accounts! Waaah! I mean, real Facebooks accounts with pictures and all! O.O

I'm honestly alarmed when I saw their "Friend Requests" to me. And so, from then on, they are now being monitored every time their hands landed on my laptop. Bwahaha! I mean, you can't blame me, Facebook is a very effective social media tool, it has a lot of great stuff to share, but we should also not forget that it has also a lot of crazy and scary stuff. And having kids like Nicole and Nickaella, who, again, are doing great in their school... I'm just afraid that it might ruin their lives in a very simple yet drastic way.

But if there's probably one thing that I will allow them check on their Facebook accounts, that is if i can see them checking only the good stuff.

Lucky them, they have an uncle who's a blogger (ehem-ehem) whom he thinks that he can now let his nieces play online games on Facebook even without us, adults gurading them. And it is all because of the unbelievable dedication and incredible geekness of the people of Aboitiz Power through the first-ever, Filipino-made interactive social game, which I think is the greenest and most Earth-friendly game in the world of Facebook.

February 25, 2011

Win an iTouch from Coca-Cola

Do you remeber the cool commercials of Coke? The one with Nikki Gil, which made her a star?

How about the awesome "Coke Mo 'To"? Or the exciting and heart-warming Christmas plugs?

Isn't it great to see and enjoy these commercials? These cool and unique ideas?

Well, now, Coca-Cola wants you to be a prt of this journey as they launch the Coke Dream Pack Contest!

Crazy Enough to Take the Galaxy Tab Challenge?

I'm loving Samsung gadgets everyday. I mean, with their user-friendly features and affordable prices, how could you say no Samsung! So, yes, I really really love Samsung! Especially my Samsung Galaxy 551 named gALEXy. Hehehe.

But, just like any techie or feeling-techie, in my case, if ever I'll have some spare money, I'd like to buy my self a Samsung Galaxy Tab. Though, for this one, the price is kinda out of my range for gadgets, so receiving one from some "persons" out there or wining one from some online contest would be a wonderful treat for me - especially after being a victim of pickpocket twice. ^_^

Well, enough of my crazy thoughts. I'm here to share to all of you the craziest dare that Samsung has brought to us - Craziest Thing Video Contest!

McDonald's Goes for Another 24/7!

With the first one-number delivery system as 8-McDo last 2002, the 24/7 Delivery Service last 2005, the online delivery website www.mcdelivery.com.ph last 2009, and the no-minimum food purchase requirement last year, McDonald’s once again take the delivery service of food purchases in our country to another level as they introduce another first. Presenting, McDonald's first cashless mobile ordering system - BPI-i.Can!

Yes, you read it right! With the fast-changing life and the fast-changing needs of their dear followers, McDonald's take their business - delivery service - into a cashless mobile ordering system together with one of the leading banks in the country - Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI).

February 24, 2011

Yuoy! Project Headshot Clinic

For me, it felt like I was in the outer space that night. Imagine, a night full of OPM stars united to build and fight for the future of OPM in the music industry.... Such a great night!

I love OPM music. I mean how can you hate your own music, right? OPM for me is like the soul of every Filipino. It symbolizes the very core of our roots, the very value of our nature. And I'm so glad to be part f this year's Yuoy!: The Niccolo Cosme's Project Headshot Clinic.

This is my second time for Project Headshot Clinic, and I believe that this is the first Project Headshot Clinic for OPM Music.

I'm kinda excited when I received the invitation to attend this project, because first, working with Niccolo Cosme is like me living my wanna-be model. He is one of the bests in the industry, so how can you say no, right? And being in his project for the second time -- it just an honor! ^_^

February 23, 2011

2nd International Pyromusical Competition – Portugal and United Kingdom

Who says grand fireworks are just for New Year celebrations? Well, I think it is, somehow, because it’s the time of the year again where we witness these glowing sticks brighten up the sky of Manila Bay and enjoy the amazing show of Philippine International Pyromusical Competition!

Now, on it’s second year, SM Mall of Asia with cooperation with Platinum Fireworks, Inc. bring a spectacular and better fireworks display that will make your jaw drop to amazement.

Last year’s show is still fresh in my mind, and now that having a VIP ticket to see this exciting and colourful show…. I mean, WOW!!!

February 22, 2011

Shine and Shimmer with G+ PH

Have you heard of this new “community” that will not just make you shine but also shimmer in the blogosphere? Well, if not, lend me your eyes as I share to you this amazing news. :-)

Spearheaded by Nuffnang Singapore, Nuffnang Philippines is about to build and connect all the Filipino bloggers all over the world through its Gliteratti Plus PH (G+ PH), the only Nuffnang community that will make you shine and shimmer to the wonderful world of blogging.

I’ve been blogging for more than a year now, and even though I haven’t experience cashing out from all the Nuffnang ads that were posted on my blog/s, I can feel that very soon, especially with G+ PH, I’ll have the first cash out that I’ve been waiting for. AND I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT IT! Wee!

February 21, 2011

Thunderbird Resorts’ Event Center Opening

It was a night of glitz and glam as the most respectable leaders of the Province of Rizal and the management of Thunderbird Resorts open their doors wider for all to experience a luxurious vacation with Thunderbird Resorts' Event Center.

Hosted by one of Rizal Province’s pride, Nikki Gil, this launch awed every spectator with the dramatic and sophisticated presentations that symbolizes every class and every glitter of this huge spot.

February 18, 2011

Catch Blue Bloods on AXN

Starring the multi-award winning Tom Selleck of Magnum P.I., Donnie Wahlberg of Righteous Kill and Band of Brothers, Broadway luminary Len Cairou of Damages and The West Wing and Bridget Moynahan of Coyote Ugly and Sex and the City, this Entertainment Weekly’s one of the season’s five best new show, Blue Bloods just landed on Philippine’s shores.

Brought to us by the cable channel that gives the best of the best action TV series - AXN - comes a new show that will take your breath away and experience New Yorker’s life.

February 17, 2011

Ayala Recyclables Fair at NUVALI

"May pera sa basura."

If there's one line that I can remember from my elementary school life, that would be that line above. I was on my last school year then when my teacher kept reminding us about this thought, and now, as I received this wonderful news from our Ayala friends, it is indeed true.

This year, in partnership with Ayala Foundation Inc.,  NUVALI, the evoliving community that's converging nature, people, and technology is putting up the greenest fair of the year - Ayala Recyclables Fair 2011.

This earth-friendly event will happen every third month starting this coming February 19, 2011.

So, on February 19, May 21, August 20 and November 19, from 8 in the morning til 3 in the afternoon, you can bring recyclable materials at NUVALI, Laguna and exchange it for some cash.

February 15, 2011

Love Triangle at the Gardens - Karylle

How's you Valentine's Day
How did you spend your Valentine's Day?

As many of you know, I'm a single-and-ready-to-mingle middle child here who spent most of his time at the office working his ass off. Or spending some of his  time with his superfriends, The Beautiful Ones friends or blogger friends. So when it comes to answering the question "How's my Valentine's Day?" or "How did I spend my Valentine's Day?" You'll get the same old boring answer that anyone can get from a single and boring but hard-working person like me.... NOTHING SPECIAL.

Well, probably not this year! Hahahaha!
Because I just spent an hour of Valentine's Day with Karylle! Yes, I had a date with Karylle last V-Day! Hahaha!

And we had our date at the Ayala Triangle Park in Makati City. Hehehe.
Oh, well, it was actually the Love Triangle at The Gardens. LOL.

My First Hot Air Balloon Festival Experience

Despite of just having a three-hour sleep, I woke up at 7 in the morning, prepared my self and my stuff to meet my super friends for our 9 a.m. trip to Clark, Pampangga.

Read my travel blog about the 16th Philippine International Hot Air Ballon Festival.

It was an hour and a half travel from Manila to Pampangga, so I somehow had some good sleep inside the bus.

February 14, 2011

Midnight Mercato Centrale - Now Open!

After a week-long hard work at the office or after some booze and dance moves at the nearby clubs, there’s this new hotspot to hit – a place where craving and midnight madness meets – Midnight Mercato Centrale.

Your weekend night wouldn’t be as dull as ever, because now, Mercato Centrale is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights! Whoopee!

Since Mercato Centrale opened its doors to the public a few months ago, the name spread like a wildfire. And Mercato Centrale has been a household name for all food lovers since then.

And now as they opened their doors at night to accommodate more food enthusiasts, Mercato offers nothing but the sumptuous, tummy-filling snacks that anyone will surely appreciate.

February 10, 2011

Valentine Treat from Reyes Barbecue

Last December, as the busy month of Yuletide Season was fast approaching, I got this one lucky chance to pay my first-ever visit to Reyes Barbecue. I did enjoy their food, especially their barbeques. I took home some of their specialties, like the Chicken Barbecue Meal for my parents, and I'm glad that they did enjoy the food, too.

And now, as another season comes, Filipinos, young and old couples, seem to get the hang of it and celebrate the Valentine's Day in a somehow extravagant way.

Well, I can't blame most of them, it is the most LOVELY day of the year, right?

From flowers, to chocolates, to jewelries, it seems that everybody are busy preparing an awesome gift or gifts to their love ones this coming V-Day. But for those who can't afford such sweet stuff to share to the most important person in their lives, well, there are some options to choose from to celebrate this heart-warming day with joy and "kilig".

Celebrate Seasons of Love at Ayala Triangle!

To all Valentine's Day suckers out there who are on a very, very tight budget or just simply broke, but in a truly, madly, deeply in love state of mind, body and soul, Ayala Triangle Garden with its mother company, Ayala Land, and the City of Makati, will be giving you and your love one a "love triangle" affair that both of you will definitely enjoy - Love Triangle at the Gardens - a Valentine concert treat for FREE!

Be mesmerized as the Trombones fills Ayala Triangle Garden with love together with Philippine's top performing artists like Audie Gemora, Carlo Orosa, Trisha Amper, Sweet Plantado-Tiongson and Sheila Francisco on February 11th, Friday. And on February 14th, Valentine's Day, sing your heart out together with Karylle as she shares her beautiful voice by serenading couples and soon-to-be-couples with our all-time favourite love songs.

February 09, 2011

The Earthlingorgeous.com's 3rd Year Party!

I usually get my inspirations to write from all the stuff that I read. And one reason why I have so many blog right now is because I was inspired by millions of the blogs that can be found on the Net.

I'm following a lot of blogs. I love reading, really. And one of the blogs that I love getting updates everyday is Earthlingorgeous.com.

Earth Rullan, the author/owner of this very popular blog, catches my attention really well. May it be about parenting, beauty, food or events, I just can't help but to check her site everyday and be updated from the different topics that this bubbly woman has.

And when I received an invitation to join her on her 3rd Year Anniversary, I was really, really delighted. It will be my first time to attend such party, so I'm kinda excited.

I've been with Earth in different events a lot of times, so I know for sure that what she in stores for us will be something remarkable... And so she did. The party was really remarkable! Wee!

February 08, 2011

SpaRga: The Boulevard's Hidden Zen

Who would've thought that besides the hustle and bustle that one of the busiest boulevards in the metro have, it also a nest to one of the the most relaxing places I've been to right here in Metro Manila.

Oh, yeah, there's this "oasis-like" place inside the metro that was well kept and well maintained, and only few are aware of its existence...

Well, since I'm a blabber mouth, I'll share it to all of you.... The place is called SpaRga!

Sounds like a superhero name, right? But it's not. It's a name of this wellness spa that I've been to lately, so let me share to  you what I have found out about this hidden zen.

February 03, 2011

The Blastin' Tang Pulpy Juices

As the whole world welcomes the Year of the Metal Rabbit, here in the Philippines, one blasting event that simultaneously happening in three of the biggest SM Malls in the metropolis. Exploding its fruity goodness at SM North EDSA, SM Megamall and at SM Mall of Asia, Tang finally unveiled their latest offering to their health-conscious consumers - the fruity explosion that has been the talk of the town - Tang Pulpy Mango and Tang Pulpy Orange juices!

You read it, right! Tang now offers pulpy juices that will surely quench the thirst and satisfy the health needs of their loyal consumers. Tang Pulpy Mango and Orange Juices are powdered juices that has real mango bits and orange pulp that Filipino family can enjoy.

And last February 02, 2011, at the eve of Chinese New Year, Tang surprised everyone with their wonderful program hosted by DJ Slyde and Dimples Romana.

SM Mall of Asia Music Hall was filled with yellow and red colors to usher the good luck that the Year of the Metal Rabbit is in store for all us.

February 02, 2011

Samsung Mobile Phones made More Affordable!

To all the mobile phone lovers who might happen to pass by my blog today, I just wanna share to you this good news that I received from our good friends from Samsung Philippines.

A few days ago, as my beloved Samsung Corby mobile phone, named My Echo, was stolen from me, I was deeply devastated by how could some bad people do such thing to the others. That phone was give to me by Jericho Rosales last year, hence why I named it My Echo, so it was very important to despite of it's non Wi-Fi capability.

It is one of my most treasured stuff, and unfortunately some bad guys were in a deeper shit than mine. So, with this incident I decided to buy a better phone, something that can help me move on from the loss that I suffered.... I bought a Samsung Galaxy 551.

February 01, 2011

AyosDito Speaks for its Name

I’ve been scanning and skimming every online store that I know since last Christmas because, and I know it is in the knowledge of every follower and friend of mine that I really, really want an SLR camera.

I’m now considering online stores as a reliable source of good bargain and good finds. My sister bought her Sony camera from an online store, so why not my SLR, right? I heard they give good packages and good discounts. So, as I scan and skim every online store, I almost forgot that there’s this site that give not only good bargains and good stuff but also a wide variety to choose from –AyosDito.

AyosDito has been in the business for quite some time now, and with its credibility and wide selection from classifieds, to house and lot or if you wanna buy used car, AyosDito has all the links that can help you get the best and save the rest!
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