March 31, 2010

Kids’ Earth Hour: Who says kids can’t be responsible?

Last Saturday at the Bonifacio High Street, The Fort, Taguig, in cooperation with Sustagen, Timex and Bonifacio High Street, adults and kids alike participated to the most successful, light-switching-off event of the year, the EARTH HOUR

Adults and KIDS alike, joined forces in turning off lights and saved energy for an hour.

While there was a also a program happening at the other side of Bonifacio High Street, a program which was co-sponsored by Timex and Miss Earth Beauty Pageant, for the celebration of Earth Hour, there was also a program happening simultaneously  which was just for kids.

The two programs which were happening for the celebration of the Earth Hour, 8:30pm to 9:00 pm - March 27, gave their own share in preserving energy and giving Mother Earth a chance to cool down for an hour from all the energy she’s receiving from her inhabitants -- US, humans.

While waiting for the exact time, I saw on the ADULT SIDE that their program was attended by beautiful ladies from all over the world courtesy of Miss Earth, press people from small and big media companies, and as well as some other private companies who didn’t hesitate in making this world-wide event possible and successful.

While on the KIDS SIDE, parents and guardians enlisted their kids to join the whole Sustagen gang in celebrating Kids Earth Hour. Waiting for them were fun activities and toys where kids can loiter and have fun in the middle of darkness. I also saw that there was also a wide screen for a film showing. I believe this has something to do with teaching the kids on how to save energy and help Mother Earth.

And so as the clock ticked at 8:30pm, lights we shut down, countdown began and the programs for adults and kids started.

On the adults’ side, led by the beauties of Miss Earth lighted some candles on the stage as an acoustic presentation started to fill their side with heart-warming, good music -- an enjoyable night where everyone appreciated the beauty of darkness. Thank God, the sky was clear that Saturday night and the beautiful twinkling stars added romance and sweetness to this whole event.

As for the Kids’ side, they were given colourful lighting sticks which they can enjoy while listening to the story telling led by the Sustagen Team. The stories that were told to the kids had something to do with the importance of saving energy and keeping our environment clean and safe. There was also a film showing which depicted Earth-related issues. And then, other had a fun time climbing, jumping and running inside the playpen. This was really great, I suppose, because this had been a fun way to keep the children in touch with what’s happening around them, to be responsible, and a great way for them to enjoy darkness and participate in this wonderful event.

Congratulation to the organizers of these events! Happy Earth Hour!

March 30, 2010

Karylle and Rayver Cruz for adidas Philippines

Last Saturday, despite of their busy schedules, tapings for their respective teleseryes in Kapamilya Network, the ever beautiful Karylle and talented Rayver Cruz, shed some time from their work and gave their fans some time to bond with them.

This event, sponsored by adidas Philippines, was for Karylle and Rayver to have pictures taken with their fans and signed autographs to promote adidas Philippines’ latest apparels for the “makabayan” style, which is Philippines fashion is all about nowadays.

Dressed in their favourite adidas’ Philippines’ jacket, Karylle and Rayver met and greeted their fans, young and old, at the adidas outlet at SM Megamall.


Rayver Cruz

I wouldn’t deny that I like Karylle, apart from being a good singer and actress, but also she’s a true-blooded fashionista. She’s been to every Philippine Fashion Week since it started and she’s really very supportive to local designers, so no wonder she was chosen to be a part of this project.  I‘m happy for you, girl!

Oh, and I was once addicted to her show before, Encantadia. Hihihi.

As for Rayver, we all know how talented this guy is, from dancing to acting, a lot of young girls would love to see him showcase his modelling stint for adidas Philippines.

I had a fun time looking at their fans who really adores them.

Nice meeting you, guys! Thanks for a wonderful Saturday afternoon!

Now, I’m saving to have one of those jackets, really.
This middle child here is also accepting early birthday gifts. Lols.

March 29, 2010

Hip Hop dominated the 6th Week of Nestea Fit Camp Hot

As the coolest yet hottest 2010’s summer camp comes to its final Manila leg, campers put their utmost attention to the most enjoyable activity in the camp – the Hip Hop Dance!

Eight competing groups battled to take home Php10,000 and to be named as the 1st Nestea Fit Camp Hot Hip Hop Champion.

I’m a fan of street dancing, which includes Hip Hop. It is one of the styles that shows the real feeling of the dancers and really pushes you to your limits.

Without further ado, here are the pictures that I took during the competition last Saturday.

Group Number 1

Group Number 2

Group Number 3

Group Number 4

Group Number 5

Group Number 6

Group Number 7

Group Number 8

Some of them were boring, some of them were really great, but I didn’t doubt when they announced that the winners were this group!

They were really great! And the use of those Nestea Fit tumblers, FANTASTIC! They really knew how to play the game. Hehehe.

Congratulations, guys! More power!

And congratulations too to Nestea Fit for this uber successful summer camp here in Manila.

How I wish I can join you guys in Boracay. Any takers? Hehehe.

March 26, 2010

Bloggers Under the Moon

Food bloggers were invited once again by the generous Mr. Larry to enjoy a night of fine dining in his restaurant at Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill, Taguig.

It was such a delight when asked to return to a place where food and service are all fantastic. And with that, we didn’t hesitate to answer Mr. Larry’s request and revisit his amazing restaurants – Kuse and Old Vine Grille – again! Wee!

Upon arriving at the venue, under the clear starry, starry sky of McKinley Hill in Taguig, laid two long tables which were ready to accommodate us for this one fantastic night. That’s one thing that I love about this events, surprise will really surprise you.

As we sat on our chairs, we noticed something. And to our delight the posters in Kuse and Old Vine Grille said that they are now offering an alfresco treat of 30% discount on all drinks and pica-pica dishes from 9:00pm onwards, Monday to Sunday. Wee! Drink til the break of dawn, nice!

The first pica-pica dish that was served to us was the Marinated Salmon and Tuna Tataki.

  Marinated Salmon and Tuna Tataki – Php490

I don’t find anything special about this one. It’s good, but I found it too ordinary. You can go at any Japanese restaurants and have this one with the same presentation and taste and maybe in a more affordable price. So, I think its okay to pass on this one.

The next pica-pica dish that we had that night was the Tokwa’t Baboy.

Tokwa’t Baboy – Php200.00

Though a little pricey for its name, I assure you that you’ll like this dish the way that I appreciated it. The combination of the salty pork and the sweet flavour that the tofu absorbed from the sautéed onions, to the nice blend of vinegar, soy sauce, onion and chilli of the dip made this dish really delicious. I like how the taste played in my mouth.

Another pica-pica dish that we had was the Buffalo Wings.

Buffalo Wings – Php210.00

The price, based on the serving, was fair enough. A group of 4 to 5 persons would enjoy munching these wings while drinking beer. The only thing that disappointed me was the term “buffalo”. Because when I read “buffalo”, I’m expecting large pieces of chicken that are really mouthfuls, but with their chicken, I didn’t see any buffalo there. Nonetheless, the taste was okay, it still be a nice partner for an ice-cold beer.

This next pica-pica dish was my favourite that night – the Gambas Ala Jillo.

  Gambas Ala Jillo – Php350.00

The taste, the serving and the price were all perfect for this dish. And even if someone says to me that it is pricey, I wouldn’t mind, because the taste was really, really good. Its flavour compliments really well with the red wine that I had.

AnotherFilipino “pulutan” favourite is the Crispy Pata, and Kuse has their own All-time Favorite Crispy Pata.

All-time Favorite Crispy Pata – 450.00

Served in a very big plate, this pica-pica dish can serve 5 to 8 persons, and they’ll surely chomp this one down to the bones. The crispy pig’s skin and the delicious salsa that comes with this dish will definitely a group’s favourite in your “inuman”.

And if you’re on a really, really tight budget but still wanna unwind a little, I suggest that you have Sizzling Sisig and/or Mini Okoy with Visayan Sauce.

Sizzling Sisig – Php265.00
Mini Okoy with Visayan Sauce – Ph150.00

The Sizzling Sisig was good. It was like Aling Lucing’s sisig but only sweeter. I prefer the one with crushed “chicharon” on top because it adds saltiness to the whole dish, which I like!

While the Mini Okoy which is one of my favourite original Filipino dishes was also yummy! The vinegar dip made this whole dish fantastic and matched well to the “inuman” session that we had.

And as the final dish came in, the challenge also tagged along. It’s about time to taste Hot and Spicy Dynamite Roll -- green pepper stuffed with chili con carne then wrapped in a spring roll wrapper.

Hot and Spicy Dynamite Roll – Php190.00

I’m not a fan of spicy food, but heck, why not try it, right?

Surprisingly, I liked it!

It wasn’t that spicy, and the taste was a little challenging to my palette in a very good way. I think it somehow lessen the impact of alcohol that my red wine had. The crispy spring roll wrapper adds crispiness to the food that made it more “friendly” to eat. This dish might scare you at first but when you tried eating one roll, and then gulp some wine or beer, you’ll be surprise that you like it.
It was a lip-smacking, beer belly-filling night that we all enjoyed. The “clean” air of McKinley Hills and the clear sky of the Taguig made the night more enjoyable, and of course, the food bloggers whom I always had fun dining with. Good music will be a great addition to this place, something that matches to “Venice” theme. *wink*

Thanks to Mr. Larry, to the food bloggers and Tinay of Megaworld! Til next time, guys!
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