January 25, 2010

SMiLDS at Intercontinental Hotel

Last Tuesday, I was invited to a formal dinner at Intercontinental Hotel in Makati City. And since my office is just a few minutes away from the venue, I say, why not? Count me in!

SMiLDS has been my contact in my Facebook account for almost a year now, and honestly, I dunno anything about them. Until, a SMiLDS coordinator and a fellow blogger invited me to this gathering.


It is said that SMiLDS.com is a budding-complete e-commerce provider that aims to be a business solution for entrepreneurs to establish their business online.  With its end to end features from Webstore Design, Customer Relationship Management, Payment Gateway, to Logistics.

The idea of the event was the flight of SMiLDS.com to e-commerce business, and to make sure that this idea will soar high, a passport is needed, which to our surprise, was prepared by SMiLDS.com team themselves for all of us.

With this very nice idea, the bloggers who confirmed their attendance beforehand had their own SMiLDS passport. Cute!

The night was full of interactions that broaden our minds to this wonderful news for all Internet enthusiasts.

And as a reward to all the attendees, we all received SMiLDS debit card and SMiLDS webstore worth Php25,000. Wow, right? And of course, the sumptuous dinner for everybody!

Fresh Garden Vegetables

Braised Pork Loin Knuckles
in Soy Sesame Sauce

Pan-Seared John Dory with Lemon Butter Sauce, 
Tomatoes and Parsley

Chicken Fricasse
in Creamy White Wine Sauce

Smiked Tanguingue Fish and Cucumber 
in Yoghurt Herb Dressing

Vegetable and Egg Frittata

Egg Mimosa with Asparagus 
and Sesame Seeds

 Potato salad with Spring Onion
and Flavored with Coriander Leaves

Rosace of Tomato 
Mozzarella Seasoned with Basil Pesto

Chicken Liver Pate 
with Toasted French Bread

Apple Pie Flavored with Cinnamon

Chocolate Pinoy Cake

Fruit Garden

Wheat Grass Juice

SMiLDS Gifts

Good luck to SMiLDS.com and may the year 2010 be a prosperous year for all of us!

some pictures are courtesy of Pinay Ads.com

January 18, 2010

The Aristocrat Bakeshop

What is a birthday without a birthday cake?!
Thank God that Aristocrat Bakeshop is just around the corner and open 24/7.


I first saw this bakeshop in Janice de Belen’s cooking show, and I’m so happy to know that Aristocrat is now offering delectable pasties and its kind.

Here are some of their mouth-watering cakes, petite cakes and sansrivals:

The prices are so affordable and they are all so cute!
Aristocrat Bakeshops are also available in Makati and Quezon City. And they also have little bakeshops in some Aristocrat Restaurants around the metro.

The petite cakes’ prices are ranging from Php80.00 to Php200.00
While the cakes are from Php300.00 to Php1000.00, depending on the flavour.

They have rhum cakes which remind me of Mayon Volcano and other pasties, too!

And if you want to put it in a box, they have colourful boxes which match your type. Really cool! I love it! I love colors...

And for the forthcoming V-Day, they have these three little cakes in a box. Just like the old days, but instead of three red roses, three little cakes… Sweet! Literally!

Ooooh, I’d love to have it as a gift on V-Day.
I’m available! *wink-wink* Lols.

Happy eating!

The Aristocrat Bakeshop
Roxas Boulevard
432 San Andres St.
524-7671 to 81

January 14, 2010

Revisiting Aristocrat

It’s been ages since I last stepped inside this restaurant. And I barely remember what I had that time, but one thing’s for sure; I had a wonderful experience back then.

Aristocrat Restaurant has been an amazing part of my childhood. I remember that every time my Uncles, Aunts or my parents had some bonuses or extra during my early days, Aristocrat was the place to be to have some family dinner, and as I return to this place, it gave me goosebumps of excitement and happiness, and I love it.

It was my super friend Bonsai’s 25th birthday, and to celebrate this “quarter-life” thingy, we treated her to Aristocrat in Malate, Manila.

Happy Birthday, Bonsai!

I was amazed how this place looked so new and nice. Though, they didn’t have anymore the classic Filipino interior, they replaced it with a more modern,  still Filipino styling which, I believe, was a good sign of a strong and long-lasting business.

And to have a fun and tummy-happy celebration, as we took our table, we quickly asked for their menu and checked it out.

Another shocking thing was the prices! My eyes cannot believe that the prices here were more affordable compare to Barrio Fiesta.

So since the food here was more affordable, we took the plunge and ordered a lot! Hahaha!

Really, for only four persons, we had these:

Hototai Soup – Php229.00

Sisig – Php172.00

Shanghai Rice – Php172.00

Kare-Kare – Php315.00


Fish Fillet in Sweet & Sour Sauce – Php224.00


Aristocrat Pancit Canton – Php309.00

All of these dishes came in big servings, which brought big smiles to our faces.

First, the Hototai Soup was oozing hot and very delicious. It has been years since I had a Hototai soup, and having it again here in Aristocrat, and with my super friends, the warmth of the soup brought out the warmth of our friendship. What a metaphor! Hahahaha! Me likey!

Next, the Sisig, again, as I told in my previous blog that Sisig was the key dish for me to tell that the said restaurant offers delicious meals, was crunchy, yummy and appetizing – in short DELICIOUS! :-P Me likey again!

The Shanghai Rice was like the Yangchow Rice of Chowking, just a lot yummier. This came in a big bowl which can serve 4 to 5 persons. I had a lot of this one. Lols.

While the Kare-Kare was my favourite dish last night. Actually, we wanted to try their latest dish, the Seafood Kare-Kare, unfortunately, it wasn’t available last night, so we opt to their traditional Kare-Kare. Luckily, we weren’t disappointed by this option. The Kare-Kare was really tasteful and delectable.

I had three rounds of eating because of this dish! Hahahaha!

Seafood Kare-Kare

Oh, and the bagoong – the best! Love it! Love it! Love it!
Only, good luck to my allergy!

The Fish Fillet in Sweet & Sour Sauce was my least favourite dish last night. I’m not saying it wasn’t delicious; it’s just that I wasn’t up for fish dish last night. But to give you some review about this dish, the sauce was perfectly cooked, same goes with the fish. Kids will love this dish, for sure. My palette was just not up for it last night, really.

And for a longer life and friendship, of course, we had pancit – the Aristocrat Pancit Canton.

I was so full with Kare-Kare and Shanghai Rice that I can take any more Pancit Canton. But from the looks of this dish, mouth-watering and very appetizing; I believe it’s delicious, too!

I just hope that I had a bigger stomach last night to taste all foods. Hahaha!

For our drinks, we had fruit shakes. I had the Grape Shake, and they had Melon Shake and Strawberry Shake.

Grape Shake – Php104.00

Strawberry Shake – php104.00

Melon Shake – Php74.00

I’m now addicted to Grape Shake, really. I started liking it when I first had it in Italianni’s.

I also took pictures of some interesting stuff inside Aristocrat and here are some of it:

Serving Safety

The Founders and Owners

Other branches.

Home of the Best Chicken Barbeque

The Bakeshop

Enjoy eating!

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